Researchers able to Regrow Cartilage!

What is Cartilage? And can it be re-grown?

Articular cartilage is a slippery “shock absorber” and cushion that lies between the surface of joints in the body. Once the cartilage has been injured or worn down during adulthood, it is very difficult to regrow. Stem cells help in the production of bones and cartilage. Stem cell therapy is a way to self-renew the cells that makeup cartilage. They derive from bone marrow. By creating “microfractures” in the surfaces of joints of mouse models, researchers Michael Longaker, MD who is a professor of surgery at Stanford, and Charles K.F. Chan, have been able to activate stem cells. Using additional growth factors (bone morphogenic protein 2 and vascular endothelial growth factor), they have also figured out how to regrow bones. Periodic stem cell therapy with growth factors can help promote the self-healing of cartilage and bones and serve as an alternative to surgeries like hip replacements.

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