Epidural Lysis of Adhesions (Lysis)

Epidural Lysis of Adhesions (Lysis) is an Interventional Pain Management technique. Lysis was developed as a means of removing epidural scarring leading directly or indirectly to compression, inflammation, swelling, or a decreased nutritional supply of nerve roots. It utilizes a number of modalities in the effort to break up epidural scarring, including the use of a spring-wound catheter, placement of the catheter in the ventrolateral aspect of the epidural space at the site of the exiting nerve root, and the use of high volumes of injectate, including local anesthetics and saline, either hypertonic or isotonic, along with steroids. Lysis is a minimally invasive procedure that may provide relief for patients suffering chronic pain as a result of conditions such as failed back surgery, stenosis, radiculopathy, epidural adhesions, and/or disc disruption. Typically, additional surgery is not effective in relieving pain after previous surgery.  An added benefit to the Lysis procedure is the lack of serious complications in the aging population.